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Dealing with the Bounty Hunters

Bounty Hunters are a new faction released in the recent free expansion, and they are smart and pesky.

Bounty Hunters come with their own ships and will hunt you down when in bounty hunter space if your bounty is high enough, which will raise with certain missions and killing faction ships. To avoid this, you can visit the bounty hunter base and buy respect using rez, or do certain missions and kill zombies to lower your bounty (or raise your respect). When respected, the bounty hunters will sometimes warp in to assist the player, and respect can be spent to clear out warp blockades. When visiting the Bounty Hunter base, there are opportunities to battle in arenas to get data, rez, respect, and at the end of a tier, specialists.

Bounty Hunter bases will start out neutral towards you even if you have maximum bounty on your head, but attacking it will reduce their relations like normal. If you attack the base and die, or retreat, and come back later it will be back to neutral.

Like regular bases, Bounty Hunter bases can be destroyed, and the base will respawn after a few jumps (seems like 3 to 5), but note that they are well-armed and can be difficult to fight.

When your Bounty is high enough and you try to leave either a Sector with a Bounty hunter base in, or one of the sectors adjoining it, the Hunters will lock down The Clockwork's Warp engines, forcing you to pay a percentage of your Rez, Goons and Data, or face a full scale attack on your mothership. These attacks can be particularly brutal, as the normally strategic Hunters will not retreat at all until you have defeated all of them, allowing you to finally leave the system. Occasional, and to devastating effect, the Hunters will spawn some turrets around the Clockwork along with their main attack.These can range from normal Disruptor or Leech turrets, to a particularly potent combo later in Chapter 3, when they spawn an Ion Turret to tear the shields off The Clockwork, Torpedo rack to pound it into oblivion, and a Battle Station to tank and provide support, whilst dealing out yet more damage. These attacks can be an excellent, if costly, source of the better ships in the game, as Bounty hunters usually have the best ships of their class.

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