Devchat Jun 23, 2011

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madpinger : Spazzed, chan op Blorfy Richard_

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Blorfy : Hello everyone

Richard_ : HEY FOLKS!!

madpinger : Spazzed, chan massvoice

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PastaMonster : Hey guys :)

caerr : Hello!

Blorfy : It is great to see so many people here. I don't know if you are mostly just ambient but hello anyhow :)

PastaMonster : I think a lot of people are playing SPAZ

PastaMonster : haha

Blorfy : So first off we would like to thank you all for your interest in SPAZ. It looks like minMax will survive for a little while at least :) so lots of patches to come

Richard_ : haha, good ;)

Blorfy : that is good too :)

Blorfy : are there any questions of ideas people want to bring up?

Blorfy : we have both have had a beer and are lubricated to talk

Richard_ : don't be shy

Blorfy : For those that are wondering, we hit over 9000 sales now. which is a pretty big deal for us

PastaMonster : Awesome!

caerr : What's on the table for version 1.0? :)

Blorfy : We also posted to reddit yesterday and that re-invigorated sales a bit

PastaMonster : Did Reddit give you guys a decent amount of sales?

PastaMonster : nice

Richard_ : Ya, reddit was kind to us

Blorfy : oh 1.0, well we hope to have that ready early august

PastaMonster : I'm one of the redditors that bought the game last night

Richard_ : cool .. you enjoying it?

Blorfy : we are optimizing and tuning right now, but the arenas and specialists will be in by then. Also Richard is busily adding missions right now

Blorfy : ahh cool, :)

PastaMonster : Yeah so far I'm really liking it. It's unique but it feels familiar in a lot of ways

Richard_ : hehe, good ol space game ;)

Blorfy : we were hoping to actually hear ideas from the public to better prioritize what they would like to see next. our bug/feature list must have 300 entries by now so prioritization is key

caerr : Specialists sound like a cool addition, will there be any character development there like experience gain?

Blorfy : for sure

Richard_ : Yup!

Blorfy : they will be with you for a while and will level up

TenNeon : is the bug/feature list public?

Richard_ : No, its quite raw right now

azianinvazn : Colonization of worlds?

Richard_ : We'll be adding an upcoming feature list in-game next patch that will give you an idea as to what we're adding next

Blorfy : lol SPAZ 2 :)

Blorfy : also an ingame patch notifier

Blorfy : another big one coming up will be having difficulty levels

PastaMonster : sweet

azianinvazn : Are more ship types planned for the future?

Richard_ : yepper

Richard_ : i think a huge bomber will be next in line

azianinvazn : noice

caerr : Is the star cruiser going to be nerfed at any point? It's just too awesome :D

Richard_ : yes

TenNeon : One thing I noticed: the ship AI is so "good" compared to a human (or me, at least) that I feel like I should be letting the AI take control of my bigger ships rather than doing the fighting myself

Richard_ : 2 forward mounts and 2 launcher wounds will downsize .. at least

Richard_ : why is that?

caerr : that sounds reasonable

Richard_ : doh, wounds = mounts ... dunno why i typed it that way

Blorfy : THe AI actually doesnt cheat, but it does probably have better reflexes than a human. We may breed in some artificial stupicdity at some point though :)

azianinvazn : ive been wondering how zombies get into ships lol

Blorfy : THe AI can be tricked though

azianinvazn : do they dig through the hull?

azianinvazn : lol

TenNeon : Yeah, it isn't brilliant, but it is really effective in messy combat

Richard_ : contextually, ya, they chew through

Blorfy : well soon zombies will have to dig through the armor to invade the ships as well, which will provide more of a buffer

azianinvazn : ahhhhh yes

azianinvazn : thats what i was thinking

azianinvazn : nice

kiedjor : i love this game!

Blorfy :  :)

azianinvazn : dont we all..

Richard_ : hehe, good :)

azianinvazn : haha

PastaMonster_ : One thing I was curious about is if you guys considered a sandbox mode that doesn't really follow a campaign and just randomizes missions and difficulty that doesn't really end. If that makes any sense.

kiedjor : i spent 4 days playing this i stoped playing all my other games lol

Blorfy : We also noticed that SRMS are pretty darned devastating late game

aeturnum : they are :)

Richard_ : I know we plan to have a sol skip option for sure ..

azianinvazn : is it normal for the srm to not allll target ur target?

PastaMonster_ : Kind of like nethack but in space

kiedjor : ya srms need to be tone down i think

PastaMonster_ is now known as PastaMonster

Sarudak : Sometimes SRMs seem to fly off inot space even when a valid target is near though

azianinvazn : ^^

TenNeon : (which ones are the SRMS?)

kiedjor : cause the only way for me to kill stuff inzombie space is use srms the carrier, volley n ranger

azianinvazn : or just target random things

aeturnum : Ten: the cluster-missles

Sarudak : Carrier is ok

Sarudak : I like star cruiser better

azianinvazn : for example the srm will go after escape pods when i have an enemy ship targeted

kiedjor : missiles should have limited of ammo or something

kiedjor : cause it dosent take power does it?

azianinvazn : arnt they gonna be tied into power

TenNeon : The SRMs are crazy

Sarudak : Carrier has small missiles which compounds the already small area the SRMs will target

Blorfy : missiles eat power when being synthesized

aeturnum : not very much power ^.^

Sarudak : Plus they are way back and to the side

Richard_ : SRM's need some mad tuning real bad, we'll fix that next patch for sure

aeturnum : at least, compared to the other options

kiedjor : is it possible to add a respec in the game?

azianinvazn : cool cool

Blorfy : srms do their own targeting so they act to sweep and clear an area. also if they focus fired on a single target, that target would be pretty doomed

azianinvazn : haha

aeturnum : when are we gonna info on how to mod SPAZ? :D


Richard_ : yes, we will .. but we're still trying to figure out how we're going to handle it to make everyone happy .. lots of invested interests

Sarudak : I think that's just a tradeoff of SRMs

Sarudak : Is there any plans for other game modes beyonfd the story?

azianinvazn : maybe boost the number of srm launched and make them target random things period

azianinvazn : and not have a priority target

kiedjor : i like the voice overs the one i like the best is zombies r real n shit on the walls!!!

Richard_ : hahaha

kiedjor : who did those

Richard_ : next week i want to get everyone to start sending me jokes and voice overs to put in the game :)

Blorfy : sorry catching up on the text :)

kiedjor : and science is leaking LOL

Richard_ : my girlfriend and I did all the voice work

slime73 : any of the devs played Escape Velocity Nova? I never played Star Control 2 but I did play EV:N, and apparently they're pretty similar

caerr : that one was pretty funny

aeturnum : <3 EV

PastaMonster : Richard_: *ahem* totalbiscuit

Richard_ : blorf came up with the science leak joke while we were hanging out drinkin a beer

Richard_ : and yes, total biscuit did the narraration of course

PastaMonster :  ;p

Blorfy : We actually hadn't played EV Nova but i now have the demo on my machine to try tonight. It requires quicktime 5 so it put me off when I tried to run it last night :)

kiedjor : im glad u added background chatter reminds me of freelancer little bit

slime73 : lol

TenNeon : since being refered to as a physical thing... reminds me of this one flash game...

slime73 : it was a mac game originally

PastaMonster : oh I would refuse to play it on that basis alone :P

Richard_ : freelancer was why i added it .. they did a good job with chatter

Sarudak : EV Nova rocks

Blorfy : yeah i have a feeling that i will like it too

slime73 : it does

princeofice : do you guys have any plans for more background chatter, I saw a post on the forums where they only pointed out there wasn't a lot of different ones

Blorfy : Running for beer, brb

Sarudak : You guys ever play the X series? Star control? Starflight? (reaching back in time with that one

Richard_ : next week i want to get everyone to start sending me jokes and voice overs for chatter

Richard_ : lots of request for more, so why not get everyone involved ;)

princeofice : that sounds cool

princeofice : so you're going to put in ones created by the fans of the game

Richard_ : ya, for sure, i can't see why not

PastaMonster : My favorite line in the game so far is the guy ranting about how zombies are real while sounding like a guy with a tinfoil hat

kiedjor : lol

Richard_ : hahaha

kiedjor : ye

kiedjor : i love that one

azianinvazn : im tired of these motherfing zombies in my motherfing ship

kiedjor : like some guy that is high

Richard_ : We're both starcontrol fans .. myself i have not played the X series at all

Richard_ : I think blorf has

kiedjor : lol

Richard_ : I've been playing a bit of black prophecy .. its not bad .. kinda freelancery

PastaMonster : who does the artwork? I'm loving it so far

kiedjor : i tried playing that but i quit cause i was called noob all the time

Richard_ : I do

slime73 : i tried BP a few months ago

slime73 : the beginning "tutorial" part was alright but then there was a massive content hole and it was just grinding

aeturnum : yah, the art is really top notch

Richard_ : thank you :)

caerr : I also like the art, fits in with the rest of the game very well

Blorfy : ok back

Richard_ : we hope to fill the grinding hole with more content soon, as well as lot and lots of difficulty options to let you adjust the game as you like

kiedjor : idea for getting new ships maybe you need parts for the ship not just blueprints?

slime73 : Richard_: i was talking about BP, but that's cool too :P

kiedjor : like a ship has chance to drop a engine or something

Blorfy : I have played quite a lot of X, fun too :)

Richard_ : @slime73 no prob, we're going to fix it anywayt ;)

slime73 : fix ALL the games!

TenNeon : Is there any reason not to use the largest ship class a hangar can hold?

Richard_ : cost

Richard_ : speed

Sarudak : Cost is generrally a non-issue

PastaMonster : I know I have poor eyesight but some of the UI scales great at 1680x1050, but some of the text is hard to read. I know many games do this to me at this res because I only have a 21" monitor, but I'm curious if anyone else has had issues with it and if any of the UI will be able to scale

Sarudak : From my playing

kiedjor : maybe light ships can spawn mroe than one ship

kiedjor : instead of just 1

Sarudak : I am currently in the strategy/empire building part of the game

Blorfy : spoiler alert :)

aeturnum : oh, sorry if you answered it and I missed it, but are there plans for detailing how to mod the game? ^_^

Blorfy : We plan to make the smaller ships more useful for specific missions and within the arena challenges. Right now bigger is better for sure.

PastaMonster : again this is just a problem I personally have with games at my monitors native resolution but I thought I'd ask

slime73 : one of the things EV:Nova had going for it (besides the awesome gameplay and great storylines) is that it was incredibly moddable :p

TenNeon : Cost is a non-issue as long as you know where a mining base is

Blorfy : Multiple ships per hangar wise, we actually did have versions in the past with over 40 ships fighting at once, but it kind of turns into a mess without any strategic action gameplay. more like an rts at that point.

kiedjor : ya i found a mining base that was close to the jump gate it kept feeding into it

TenNeon : Preat easy to play "steal the scraps from the giant minig lasers"

kiedjor : i was like wooo jackpot

Richard_ : We'll try out best to improve the HUD across the board, but there is quite a bit of data to pack in unfortunetly :(

Blorfy : Soon bounty hunters will hunt you down if you sit in one place too long :) no more ambient mining

aeturnum : I do like how many easter-egg-esq things the game has right now

aeturnum : like how you can use the grinder to mine asteroids

kiedjor : aw

kiedjor : i take a nap while i mine

kiedjor : lol

slime73 : stop spoiling things! :P

kiedjor :  :(

Blorfy : lol

caerr : you get rez and experience, doubly good!

kiedjor : onlyone problem is it seems in later levels you lvl too fast?

TenNeon : on HUD: I'd like to be able to compare stats across sizes. to see how "small X" compares to "huge X" etc.

Blorfy : the leveling is based on what you are killing actually, so it is kind of self balancing

PastaMonster : I personally like how I can shoot escape pods and liquify the people buy plowing them with my ship

Richard_ : we may do that numerically soon once we add the numbers ...

Richard_ : right now the data is so difference one of the bars would be full, while the other is just a sliver

Blorfy : so if you start hunting in instances 10+ levels above you, youll ding faaast

TenNeon : Wouldn't bounty hunters be even more loot against a decently-armed ship?

Blorfy : well it depends on what the bounty huntrys fly

Arcalane : ion beams, leech beams 'n' mass drivers. deadliest combo I've found that isn't missile-spam.

slime73 : this is probably a bit technical for irc, but i'm interested in how you guy(s?) did ship/missile ai and movement and stuff, i've been working on a (shittier) game mostly in the same genre for a bit now, and that's one thing that i don't have much to go on

Blorfy : there are ships in the game that are beyond huge that would make you poop a little if they warped in

PastaMonster : what language is the game programmed in

Blorfy : you see one at one point in the story, it is fully functional

kiedjor : after release will there be dlc or expansions?

Blorfy : oh missile ai is a real bugger, the interception stuff

Richard_ : C++ is our code base, but torque has it's own scripting lang called torsion

Blorfy : to get it all perfect you need to use calculus but i was not willing to dig out the text books

slime73 : heh

kiedjor : ai seems pretty smart

Blorfy : so the ai is based on figuring out where the ship will be in X amount of time

TenNeon : If you end up improving the AI, don't improve it across the board... add it as an upgrade!

Blorfy : that part is easy, just look at the velocity

Richard_ : the missile knows where it is, because it knows where it is not ;)

slime73 : i'm sure anything's better than my current "move forward and turn toward the target ALL the time!"

Blorfy : the hard part is figuring out how long for the missile to reach a moving target

slime73 : aye

Blorfy : @slime73 what you have not will cause orbiting

slime73 : yeah

Blorfy : you can not really just approach a target or you always end up orbiting the damn thing

Blorfy : i learned that early on too unfortuantley

Blorfy : instead you need to overcorrect

kiedjor : how sometimes i see cannon sheels bounce off my ship?

Blorfy : and approach like a serpentine movement

slime73 : it'd be good if i was uh.. making things orbit planets though? :P

kiedjor : come

Blorfy : yup

Blorfy : then you have what u need

Blorfy : do you know the dot product of angles?

slime73 : yeah

Richard_ : shields have a chance to deflect projectiles based on the angle of impact

kiedjor : cool

PastaMonster : I'm not very far so this could be in already, but any chance for counter measures like missile flares, ablative armor, ecm, EMP bomb, etc

Richard_ : only projectiles tho

Blorfy : so an important thing is to modify thrust based on dot product of the angle to the intercept point and the facing dir of the missile

TenNeon : do you have any plans for more shield stuff? I'm a huge shield nerd =p

Arcalane : you should pick up point defense beams soon, PM

Richard_ : Yep, next i think we'll ad flak based point defense systems

Richard_ : add*

aeturnum : oo

aeturnum : I like it :)

kiedjor : missile jamming?

Blorfy : yeah PD is getting an upgrade

aeturnum : did anyone play the PDS mod for Homeworld 2?

Blorfy : hmm

kiedjor : me

slime73 : i've tried it a bit

TenNeon : have you played Gratuitous Space Battles?

Richard_ : missile jamming like flairs seems interesting ... I'll have to think

slime73 : i like vanilla HW2 better though imo

aeturnum : It would be cool to have usable powerups like that

Richard_ : ya, i played GSB

Blorfy : well your mission jamming idea is cool

TenNeon : GSB has some really satisfying missile jamming and point-defense

Richard_ : i liked how it looked, but i found the game to be a bit hands off

slime73 : same

Blorfy : how about we add a tech to make missiles re-acqure targets and fly back at their sender faction?

kiedjor : ya

kiedjor : it seem missile got evrything at lvl 1

Richard_ : oh baby! how bout a mass bomb jammer ;)

Blorfy : lol

kiedjor : maybe gradually make them smarter

PastaMonster : yes!

Blorfy : missiles were meant to actualy be a finish them off kind of weapon, but i think they have become a primary one. not sure what to do right now

Blorfy : they do tonnes of damage to hull

Blorfy : any ideas

kiedjor : ya its all i been using

aeturnum : I'd make PDS better

aeturnum : and more common

Blorfy : they are weak on shields and armor, but it doesnt seem to matter

Arcalane : the problem is you can get the reload rate of standards down to practically instant with the right setups

Sarudak : The core problem is zombies are the real problem enemy and they don't use shields

aeturnum : and they don't get really absurd until you get them on huge mounts

Blorfy : that we will fix :)

Blorfy : zombie killers will have shields and armor

Arcalane : it's not too bad with the Volley, but it's stuff like double-booster Starcruisers

Blorfy : killers are the infected ships, breeders hatch from eggs

Sarudak : Zombies getting shields? That will change things

TenNeon : ships generally have more hull than shield

PastaMonster : Well considering beams and cannons use up more energy and missiles can seemingly fire forever, perhaps making missiles more costly to use is the way to go?

caerr : yeah, missiles dont' seem to use any energy at all compared to beams for example

aeturnum : maybe really up the reload on missles, but make them more powerful

kiedjor : or make them reload longer

PastaMonster : at least that's what it seems like to me

aeturnum : so you have to use them sparingly

kiedjor : reduce dps

aeturnum : but they're a good "oh shit" button

Richard_ : missiles require energy to relaod, not to fire

kiedjor : but make alpha stronger

TenNeon : small-but-fast beams would help

Blorfy : exactly, missiles should be an oh shit weapon

kiedjor : anyone good with cannons i usually just skip em

aeturnum : cannons do amazing damage, after shields are down

TenNeon : something closer to the point defense than the big fat lasers

Arcalane : torpedoes need more love. I only ever use them to help kill bases. :(

kiedjor : is there a way to target certain mount to be automated not all of em?

aeturnum : What does everyone else think of the final beam? I found it to do little for its power use

caerr : me too, I used the longest range beam weapon through the game

TenNeon : which one is the final beam?

caerr : until I switched to missiles to counter zombies

kiedjor : i just they lets us respec later in the game

Arcalane : Fusion Beam

Richard_ : @kiedjor sadly not at this time :(

aeturnum :

Spazzed : [Madscript]:URL Title: Fusion Beam Emitter - SPAZ wiki

TenNeon : I only have that partially blueprinted. By the description it didn't look like it was meant for killing things.

kiedjor : is it planned?

aeturnum : I used the 2nd beams the whole game :)

kiedjor : i like those leechy ones

Blorfy : leech beams turned out to be really nasty

Blorfy : also cannons are my fav weapon on the hammerhead with tripple turrets

TenNeon : the leeches are good just for damage reduction alone

kiedjor : do ai use energy?

Blorfy : it would kick a starcruisers butt :)

aeturnum : yah :)

Arcalane : leech+ion+massdriver on a hammerhead

Blorfy : yup

Blorfy : AI ships are identical to yours

kiedjor : so u can starve ai out of power?

Richard_ : At this point we don't have plans for unique turret Ai, but if we get enough requests for it, we'll reconsider it for sure

aeturnum : sure, star cruisers would be no good in a duel :)

Blorfy : even runs through the same firing control mechanism

Arcalane : I killed a T2/T3 UTA base before it could even finish venting from the first breach, after the shields went down. :x

Blorfy : yup

kiedjor : cool

Blorfy : you can currently starve an ai reactor with leech beams

Blorfy : it is actually easier than i would like

kiedjor : lol i like ramming the floating bodies with my ship here a squash sound

Blorfy : and ion beams and mass drivers are deadlty

Blorfy : as are emp bombs and corrosive bombs

Richard_ : hehe, we put in the floating bodies 3 weeks into development

PastaMonster_ kicks his cable modem

caerr : I love the high-pitch scream they make

TenNeon : "my reactor is not powerful enough to fire my big guns... but yours is!"

PastaMonster_ : I love the floating bodies!

Blorfy : exactly :)

PastaMonster_ : and the fact that they liquify when I run into them

kiedjor : anyone think zombies remind ov you of reavers in firefly?

Blorfy : we should turn the ships more red as you splotter them :)

Richard_ : Hehe, floating bodies is something you see in just about every space movie, but never in a game, so we had to change that ... and why not add a bit of GTA style fun to it ;)

aeturnum : oh, hey

kiedjor : that one tranmission voice over

TenNeon : the zombies make me wish for a space-flamethrower >_o

PastaMonster_ : exactly :D

kiedjor : reminds me of firefly

aeturnum : could you get the AI to stop killing crew pods?

aeturnum : I hate it

Blorfy : we are both big firefly fans

PastaMonster_ is now known as PastaMonster

Richard_ : firefly is awesome, yes!

billybob : Is it possible for you to add the option to save games in custom locations?

Arcalane : seeing the AI accidentally pop a 10-man pod when I'm low on goons because it decided to start shooting bodies is such a pain in the ass. :|

kiedjor : any chance for melee ramming ships ? XD

Blorfy : are they skill killing crew pods on 0.9.007 i thought i kill that behavior, anyhow i shall kill it :)

PastaMonster : Everyone with good taste is a Firefly fan

aeturnum : Blorfy: I dunno actually, haven't put much playtime into 9007

kiedjor : would be to see a zombie ship ram another ship

kiedjor : cool

PastaMonster : I vote for a Doctor Who easter egg

Richard_ : Sadly, a "save anywhere" is insanly complex and a bit beyond what the 2 of us can do .... we tried to make the saving as friendly as possible my making it occur between jumps ...... or did you mean to differnet HD locations?

Blorfy : what easter egg?

caerr : floating police box?

kiedjor : lol

billybob : different HD locations

Blorfy : Ship ramming we want to avoid simply because it kind of wrecks the flow of combat, and we are trying to simulate 3d space in 2d

kiedjor : i c

Blorfy : the fusion beam sort of works like a chainsaw though

Blorfy : that is what we had in mind with it

Blorfy : short range doom

TenNeon : simulating 3D space in 2D? I'm not sure I follow.

Richard_ : Sadly, windows says no :( ... it took us a while to get all the saving sorted out on the 100,000 different copies of windows and the game engine isn't helping much in that regard either

Blorfy : oh one ship flys above another

PastaMonster : Blorfy: just saying if there isn't one, a doctor who reference somewhere would be pretty cool if you guys are into it ;p

caerr : I found that the fusion beam wasn't powerful enough for the power it used up

PastaMonster : but I'm a doctor who nerd

Blorfy : agreed, fusion beam needs a boost

Richard_ : hehe, i don't mind adding easter eggs in the form of chatter or billboards, as long as they don't get us sued ... ive removed a shocking amount of stuff from fear of the all mighty lawyers

Blorfy : maybe we could have a 0.1% chance of a tardis showing up in the space debris

kiedjor : betetr safe than sorry!

billybob : That sucks, but I understand it can be hard with all the OS versions. I have multiple machines and was just hoping for a way to easily keep my games synced between them with dropbox or something similar.

PastaMonster : that sucks that you have to worry about that :(

PastaMonster : I thought making references was protected under fair use

PastaMonster : as long as you didn't rip it directly from them

kiedjor : i noticed at zombie maps i lag do i need better gpu or cpu?

Blorfy : it would be cpu based, BUT

Blorfy : i have done some optimizing this week to help that

PastaMonster : Blorfy: that would please me to no end

Blorfy : that will be in next patch

aeturnum : oh, also, are there any plans to save hull layouts?

Blorfy : it wont be perfect yet, but probsbly at least 30% better. I still need to do more. balancing optimization with features with marketing

Richard_ : since we're only 2 folks, we chose not to poke the bear in regards to refrencing other things ... in the end it'll be thier expensive laywer, vs our ... well ........ nothing

PastaMonster : Are there any major features that you really want to add still? I'm just curious how close you guys feel to what you set out to do originally

PastaMonster : Richard_: I'd rather you guys be safe than risk getting sued.

kiedjor : thats the worst

kiedjor : spaz is awesome

PastaMonster : The gaming industry needs indie guys like you

Richard_ : The game is totally different then what we originally planned ... we did set out to make a big assed space game, but the game kinda took on a life of it's own and evolved with us.

PastaMonster : SPAZ has been a breath of fresh air in a rather stagnant crapfest of space related games

Richard_ : at the moment the big upcoming features will be arena events and specialist pilots ... beyond that, more missions, ships, etc

Carson_ : Will we in the future be able to damage enemy weapons and other parts of their ship?

kiedjor : ya i enjoy this game more than any other game i played for years

Richard_ : haha, glad you all like it :)

kiedjor : i love space games

PastaMonster : subsystem damage Carson_?

Richard_ : we were sick and tired of waiting for this game, so we just made the damn thing ;)

kiedjor : im glad u guys did

PastaMonster : I'm glad you did Richard_

kiedjor : or i would be playing cod 5647853868573978535

Carson_ : damage weapons and turrets of the enemy ships disabling them or something

PastaMonster : What will arena events entail?

Richard_ : @+Carson we use to have componet damage, but it didn't really add much fun to the game we found .... we do plan to have more hex based weapons that can effect your componets, but not damage or remove them

Blorfy : THe arena actually isnt fully designed yet, richard and I need some beers and a few hours in person still :)

Carson_ : ok nice

Blorfy : early on the game was much more like eve actually, but we refined it to be much more action oriented over time

PastaMonster : haha fair enough

kiedjor : in the future can you make choices to you clock work?

Blorfy : even component weights, eatch gun used to have weight, but then we realized whats the point

caerr : there's always Battleships Forever for component damage junkies

Blorfy : upgrading the clockwork is also on our todo list :)

Blorfy : upgrading beacons too actually

madpinger : glad you remembered the beacon :3

caerr : what kind of stuff would you be able to upgrade in the clockwork?

Blorfy : ptobalby guns, and shields

Blorfy : same stuff as a regular ship for the most part

Blorfy : some stuff wont matter though

Blorfy : like engines

Richard_ : everything a ship would normally allow i think

kiedjor : what about having a huge hang u get 2 large ones or something?

caerr : I think build time might be nice too

Blorfy : space pig is space pig

Blorfy : we used to be able to fly the mothership, but, soooo slow

TenNeon : clockwork upgrades could be used for hangar modification...

Blorfy : we do want to have mothership centric missions tho

kiedjor : like escorting them?

Richard_ : perhaps .. maybe some big huge mother fights ;)

TenNeon : does the mothership target the same things you are targeting?

Richard_ : we still need to design the missions they will have

TenNeon : "my mom can beat up your mom"

kiedjor : lol

Blorfy : The mothership thinks like a normal ship, so it will "Tend" to want to help you by targeting your targets. it will also fire at opportunity targets though

Richard_ : hehe, we'll see about that

Blorfy : all the ai ships try to be helpful, but are also about 50% autonomous. we want them to not need a lot of babysitting

kiedjor : ya i hate micro

kiedjor : i suck at it

kiedjor : lol

kiedjor : tried sc 2

kiedjor : bam died infirst few mins

Richard_ : same, yet i do have a soft spot for starcraft

Blorfy : if someone wanted they could play spaz with just the mouse, w and spacebar. but it would take a while

kiedjor : i like this game cause its easy to learn

TenNeon : I totally would play that way, but ships have a mind of their own when in AI mode

Richard_ : that's good to hear ... we went to hell and back trying to make the game understantable

kiedjor : i tried eve i didnt understand any of it

Richard_ : you need to be an accountant to play eve i think

Blorfy : lol

lord0gnome : hi!

PastaMonster : Yeah I love how it's complex, but easy to play

caerr : the mothership could be useful if certain things (like stations) had shields that only the mothership weapon can pierce

Blorfy : i played a lot of eve, but i only focused on the combat. there are so many facets to that game that you cant be an expert in all of them

PastaMonster : The guy who makes dwarf fortress could take some notes about how to do that

caerr : so you'd have to call it down and protect it while it destroys the station

kiedjor : ohhh maybe cause your mother ship to help wth a cool down

madpinger : hmm, Well. We do often tell people Eve is like playing a spread sheet Richard_ <.<

kiedjor : thats awesoem idea

kiedjor : maybe cost rez

kiedjor : or something

PastaMonster : Eve is a spreadsheet with space in the background ;p

Blorfy : seems like a great idea for a mothership mission, writing down

kiedjor : i just hate it when your in your nub ship trying to mine some ore than someone from who knows where grabs ya u cant move n asks all your money when you do they still kill you

Richard_ : hehe, i really respect the scope of what eve does ... its the closes we'll get to the matrix

kiedjor : they i lose all my stuff

Richard_ : forgive the spelling .. typing a mile a minute here

lord0gnome : especially with dust coming out someday

lord0gnome : gives people who dont like spreadsheets a way to enjoy eve. :P

kiedjor : is dust more nub friendly?

lord0gnome : its an FPS

Richard_ : does it integrate into eve in some way?

lord0gnome : yep, you in eve take control of planets by hiring players in dust.

lord0gnome : And by building expensive machinery for them to use.

TenNeon : instead of having someone grabbing you from out of nowhere, you'll have someone orbitally bombard you from out of nowhere

kiedjor : what if no one is doing anything do u just wait?

lord0gnome : for people who dont want to be a part of that theres high security which is controlled by bot.

PastaMonster_ : scumbag internet provider

slime73 : dust is a PS3 exclusive

kiedjor : aw

lord0gnome : yea sadly

kiedjor : i have to buy ps3 to play that?

kiedjor : what about pc

lord0gnome : eve is for pc

Richard_ : that and last guardian :)

PastaMonster_ : How are negotiations going with Steam?

slime73 : they don't want to make a PC version for some reason

lord0gnome : from what i know dust wont be at all.

kiedjor : i couldnt wait so i bought mine from impulse

PastaMonster_ : I really think this game could get a shit load of sales once it hits Steam

kiedjor : ya if it hits steam ill buy second copy

lord0gnome : As an avid gamer I agree.

Blorfy : We are hoping to be on Steam early august assuming the contracts get signed :)

Richard_ : We're working as fast as humanly possible on the steam thing ... we can't really say much, but it is priority 1 for us

PastaMonster_ : sweet :)

Blorfy : We know that we need Steam for SPAZ to be profitable

TenNeon : I wouldn't have bought it if I didn't already have Sins on Impulse.

kiedjor : how much do they take out when they sale the game?

lord0gnome : 10%?

lord0gnome : or more

Blorfy : lol i wish

Richard_ : Sins is awesome, but i also only have 4 games on impulse, vs the 100 on steam, so we understand that for sure

lord0gnome : ok much moer

PastaMonster_ : I just hope they let you guys add keys that were bought directly so I can add it to my steam client for updates and stuff

Blorfy : all digitial distributors take 30%

lord0gnome : thats not too bad

Blorfy : we actually verified with steam early on that keys will be transferable

TenNeon : I quit Sins because I was playing it too much xD

kiedjor : could be worse

PastaMonster_ : sweeeeet

kiedjor : dam i wish i knew

kiedjor : awwwwwwwwwwwwww

kiedjor : oh well

kiedjor : 2nd copy will help you

slime73 : 30% isn't as good a deal as it was a few years ago i think

kiedjor : so i dont mind

Blorfy :  :)

slime73 : because it's easier to get attention to your game without a big name digital distributor

Blorfy : sometimes the 30% hurts, sometiems it doesnt, for example Impulse worked there asses off for us so we didnt mind

slime73 : aye

Richard_ : If you consider how much it cost to ship yoru game to 10,000 bestbuy locations, it's not so bad ... they provide a hell of a good service

kiedjor : so at how many sales do you guys need to be profitable?

Richard_ : Ya, impulse did us well

Blorfy : 30,000

PastaMonster_ : Impulse isn't bad, Steam is just better

Blorfy : that gets on par to where we were 2 years ago

Blorfy : which is enough to work on sequel or cool expansions

PastaMonster_ : I think it's really cool that Impulse set their home page to a SPAZ advertisement, that's actually how I first heard about your game

Blorfy : we cant do another 2 year project with that, but a 1 year is feasible

Richard_ : We were stoked about that too ... they did that out of good will

kiedjor : same

Blorfy : yeah impulse was really awesome to us

Blorfy : we were their home page background for over a month actually

kiedjor : i was like spaz i thought it was plant zombie sequal lol

lord0gnome : gah i hate that game

lord0gnome : its a poser compared to most td's in game mods and flash even.

kiedjor : i never played it

Richard_ : exno tactic!!

kiedjor : but

kiedjor : ya

lord0gnome : never heard of that one, but i mostly played warcraft 3 mods

kiedjor : u guys also planning 1 or 2 doller dlcs like weapon pack or something i dont mind buying that if it helps it will help ya

Richard_ : best tower def games ... xeno tactic 1 and 2 ... def grid ... sanctum :)

lord0gnome : def grid is a neat game

Richard_ : we hope to update some of that for free actually

lord0gnome : good graphics for a td

Richard_ : if we charge you again for something it'll be big

kiedjor : im so used to paying stuff for cod lol

Blorfy : lol

slime73 : $15 for 5 new sectors! ;)

Richard_ : I'm not a huge micro trans fan myself

TenNeon : You could get away with alternate ship art as DLC

Blorfy : we will have paid expansions but as Richard says, they will add major pieces to the game, not horse armor

Richard_ : We'd rather have our fans love us and by real sequels

PastaMonster_ : That is great to hear Richard1

TenNeon : Wait, no horse armor?

kiedjor : lol

aeturnum : I think that micro-transactions are good, as long as they're actually cheap ($5 <) and substantial

TenNeon : Horse shields at least!?

Richard_ : hahaha!

Richard_ : Now i have to add it!

kiedjor : loool'

aeturnum : I don't mind paying $5 x 4 instead of $20 x 1 for expansion content

Blorfy : lol

aeturnum : horse launchers?

aeturnum : they kick zombies away :)

madpinger : haha, Not making a swipe at anyone in particular with that jibe are ya Blorfy :p

Richard_ : haha, yes! run them over with yoru space ship

Blorfy : sounds like haloween or april 1 update

slime73 : ponies... in space!

Stoggles : I do, DLC always feels like nickle and dimeing compared to what used to qualify as an expansion pack

slime73 : ^

aeturnum : the idea is really good, the execution leaves a lot to be desired

Blorfy : I think horse armor started the trend

kiedjor : i like dlc as long as the price fits the content

#spaz :You're not channel operator

TenNeon : I am in favor of dlc as long as it doesn't throw off balancce or fragment the community.

Blorfy : we want to put most dlc out for free really to build the community

madpinger : Spazzed, chan massvoice

Spazzed gives voice to kiedjor Sarudak billybob lord0gnome Spazzed gives voice to PastaMonster_ devast8a

TenNeon : Magicka is going insane with dlc, and it all seems to be pretty fair.

aeturnum : tell us how to mod it! :D

Blorfy : expansions will be a lot of work and will require major dev time so we would ned to sell those, but we are probably talking 3 months of work for one

slime73 : I dislike what magicka is doing with its DLC

Stoggles : Yeh, I like the magicka dlc - it all feels like its worth the price

slime73 : although they made a "pvp update' which is free

kiedjor : whats magica

Stoggles : the way the dlc works is awesome too, if one person in the party own it, all can play it

PastaMonster_ : as an old school PC gamer a lot of DLC pisses me off, because before Xbox Live ruined EVERYTHING, companies used to release map packs for FREE, and skins for FREE to get new sales

TenNeon : Yeah- they do some free, some pay, dlc

PastaMonster_ : At least Valve still releases free content

madpinger : I don't care for Magicka, tho I look at how many paid DLC packs they have now and just can't justify it. Cause you know you'd need all of them for MP with friends <.<

Stoggles : madpinger: see my last line

PastaMonster_ : I don't mine paying for an expansion with a decent amount of content, but charging $15 for 2 maps is ridiculous

Stoggles : aslong as one person owns it, anyone can play it

slime73 : UT2004's Editor's Choice Edition came with a whole bunch of new content including new weapons and vehicles.. for free

aeturnum : hehe, MS won't even let developers release content updates for free

madpinger : Stoggles, Oh. thats pretty fair/nice of them.

PastaMonster_ : mine-mind

Stoggles : yeh, it works really wel

Stoggles : even better, it is almost stable enough to actually play online

Stoggles : which is shocking

TenNeon : Some games give DLC a bad name because of dumb pricing

PastaMonster_ : yeah the magica dlc is kind of lame

Sarudak : Btw I like the game

slime73 : I also dislike how the Magicka developers say they won't do much optimization because they don't feel like it, when the game runs much worse than it should :P

Stoggles : The Bad Company 2 dlc is very old school PC style

Blorfy : Well it was great chatting everyone. I am going to head out soon. Is there anything pressing on anyone's mind before i exit?

Sarudak : I just can't see myself playing it again

Stoggles : occassionally, have a new map. Tada.

kiedjor : spaz is awesome

Blorfy :  :)

slime73 : indeed it is

aeturnum : updates!

PastaMonster_ : All glory to the hypnotoad

aeturnum :  :D

Blorfy : we plan to do more of these chats as well. probably around updates, and all hail the hypnotoad

madpinger : ^.^

PastaMonster_ : sweet I can't wait for the next patch Blorfy :)

PastaMonster_ : Keep up the good work you guys

Blorfy : Ok well have a great night everyone. thanks so much for chatting with us :)

caerr : I hope you get another 10 000 sales soon!

slime73 : seeya

Stoggles : oh, Blorfy: any word on ports for os x or *nix?

Stoggles : sure you get asked this lots :<

PastaMonster_ : take it easy Blorfy

slime73 : they say release or soon after, for os x

Blorfy : OSx for sure

Stoggles : sweet

Blorfy : madpinger can talk a little about linux

PastaMonster_ : Will this run on AmigaOS?

slime73 : lol

slime73 : will it run on my TI-83?

madpinger : Stoggles, with the new Goo free version of Spaz available, just working stability, waiting on some patches to wine to get it running smooth

Blorfy : ok nite all.

Stoggles : madpinger, thats awesome :D

madpinger : PastaMonster_, If you pay me enough, It will

madpinger : slime73, I think tetris and pacman is the Ti-83's limit o.o;;

PastaMonster_ : haha madpinger are you working on porting it?

Stoggles : i can play frozen synapse on my mac, but it runs like balls

Stoggles : and thats Torque as well

Richard_ : Alrightly ... thanks again everyone for the big epic chat .. we'll do this again soon .. have a great night folks

slime73 : 'night

aeturnum : night :)

Stoggles : o/

kiedjor : nite

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