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Goons are your crew. When on board a ship, they will repair its hull and armor. The more goons, the faster the repairs will proceed. Goons will defend your ships if they are boarded by the enemy. Your goons can also board enemy ships using the Suicide Cannon or Grunt Shuttle modules. (Goons' combat strength and rate of repair can be increased via the Crew tech branch or by specialists with certain skills.)

Goon pods can be pulled in by your ships if they have a Tractor Beam module equipped. Even if no tractor is equipped, a ship can always pick up a pod by flying over it.

Goons can be traded for Rez and Data at Civilian Mining and Research stations, respectively.

Acquiring Goons

"Hostages who don't cooperate go out the airlock with the rest of the trash."

Escape pods (also called "goon pods") will be ejected from human ships, bases and certain containers when destroyed. When these pods are picked up, there is a random chance the occupant(s) will join that ship's crew. The chances of each pod joining your crew can be improved via the Crew tech branch. Goons that do not join your crew are ejected from your ship's airlock to die. Also, Goon pods will only stay in space for a limited amount of time before they break and the goon inside dies of exposure to space. Goons may also be ejected from a ship or base due to a hull breach. These goons cannot be collected, but they do make a satisfying squishing noise when your ship or weapon hits them.

Goons can also be acquired through other means. Each time you level up, your mothership will clone a certain percentage of its maximum goon capacity, which can be boosted by utilizing specialists with the Cloner skill. You can also trade Rez for goons at Civilian Colony stations.

Cheap Motel events feature goons being shot back and forth between visiting ships and an outpost. These goons can be intercepted and integrated into your crew just like other goon pods.

Spending Goons

Goons are a valuable commodity with bases.

Any UTA or Civilian base with a relationship lower than Friend can be bribed to like you more with a payment of Goons for each level.

UTA bases with Friend relationship may be bribed with goons to allow you to access a particular warp gate. The goon cost is dependent on the level of the destination system.

Civilian Mining bases will give you Rez for goons.

Civilian Science bases will give you Data for goons.

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