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Size Large
Faction Civilian (All)
Black Boxes 5
Rez Cost 200
Hull Strength 200
Hull Mass High
Maneuverability Low
Crew Capacity 39
Cargo Capacity 1000
Large Launcher Mounts: 2
Large Turret Mounts: 1
Small Turret Mounts: 1
Large Utility Mounts: 2

Mule big.png

In Game Description

The Mule was once a dedicated cargo vessel, but it has recently been upgraded into a serviceable combat ship. Although still comparitively slow, its turrets and missiles allow the Mule to defend itself at any range.


Like the Tug, the Mule is a good mining and hauling ship, while still able to be decent in a fight, although it's not as maneuverable. The dual Large Utility slots mean it can serve as a recovery craft for Rez, Data and Goons on battlefields; or they can be replaced with Scanner modules for hunting cloaked ships and mines.

The Mule is seen in the hands of the Civilians, as a mining/transport ship and a gunboat, similar to the way the UTA employs its Medium-class cousin the Tug.

With two Cannon Booster Modules, two Reactor Booster Modules and a Double Mount Turret the Mule can bring three Disruptor Cannons to bear with 360 degree coverage.

As of version 1.501, the Mule can also be equipped with a Huge mining Beam when converting the Main turret with the Fixed Turret Mod,making it an even better miner then before.

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