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In Game Description

The Particle Cannon releases a flurry of charged particles from a gatling accelerator. The particle energy consumption is very low, allowing it to fire at a high rate of speed. The particle cannon's fire rate and kinetic energy can overwhelm shields, armor, and hull with great efficiency.


Module Particle Cannon.png
  • Cost: 0
  • Power Usage: Low
  • Damage: Low
  • Range: High
  • Firing Speed: Maximum
  • Accuracy: High

Additional Stats:

  • Decent vs shields
  • Decent vs armor
  • Decent vs hull


  • Tech Level: Level 6 Cannons
  • Blueprints: 3 required to unlock


A fair average-damage weapon. Produces less damage than the beastly shield down - mass driver combo, but consumes much less energy and at a much higher fire rate, making it the best cannon choice until Overcharge Reactor is available. Even in end-game several small particle cannons can be used to clear out free-floating zombies with their rapid fire.

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